Hearts of Iron II
Hearts of Iron II
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More details on the game are available on its official web site.

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Download the Hearts of Iron II demo to try Paradox's new grand strategy World War II game for yourself.

The Wargamer's Hearts of Iron II microsite is dedicated to Paradox Interactive's Hearts of Iron II, the World War II grand strategy game released in January 2005. This microsite includes information about the game, historical articles, a game FAQ, strategy and tactics articles, and a variety of other features. The Wargamer's Hearts of Iron II microsite is sponsored by Paradox Interactive.
Latest Content and Features

Hearts of Iron II Review

Great or terrible? Amazing sequel or buggy profiteering? Aaron McKenna settles the debate.

Strategy and Tactics: Hearts of Iron II Technology

Hearts of Iron II’s technology tree allows players to pursue a wide variety of technologies. However, because of changes to how research is done, much greater care must be taken to plan a course of action. With a maximum of five research slots compared to 10 research areas including secret weapons, the need to plan is obvious.

After Action Report: Platinean War

As the World's Second War waged on in Europe, Argentina promised to be a fertile ground for fascism and the Nazi agenda. In his after action report, Sean Drummy attempts to make good on Argentina's half of the deal in the Platinean War.

Hearts of Iron II Strategy: Part 2, "The Civil Affairs of Nations & Gentlemen"

Politics and diplomacy, also known as the art of screwing somebody with their pants on, has been an integral part of world machinations since the time of the Greek city states, and it is no less important today than it was then. During times of conflict this discipline takes on a new importance in the eyes of the common people, bringing fear, hope, and doom to millions simultaneously.

Hearts of Iron II Strategy: Part 1, "Guns 'n Butter"

When one looks back upon the history of the world, one will find hidden amongst all the rhetoric, crusades, and conflicts an underpinning economic motive. In the end, money is simply what all human suffering boils down to, and it is also the prime motivation for most other human endeavours as well. Without economics, nothing happens, and so it is fitting that in the first part of this Hearts of Iron II strategy guide, we take a look at what makes the world tick.

After Action Report: Russia through the 1936 - Road to War Campaign

Though largely passive and technologically backward during the late 1930’s, Sean Drummy attempts to rewrite Russian history during World War II his way in the 1936 Hearts of Iron campaign, “Road to War.”

Hearts of Iron II Preview

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning Hearts of Iron is nearing completion. The Wargamer's Jeff Vitous spends some quality time with a preview version and shares his impressions. Is it looking like a Churchill or a Mussolini?

Hearts of Iron II Interview

In this brief interview, The Wargamer's Jim Zabek talks with Paradox's Lead Programmer Johan Andersson to learn a bit more about the widely anticipated Hearts of Iron II.

Hearts of Iron Microsite

The Wargamer's Hearts of Iron microsite is dedicated to Strategy First and Paradox Interactive's Hearts of Iron, the PC grand strategy wargame released in November 2002. This microsite includes information about the game, related books and movies, strategy articles, and a variety of other features.